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LED Lighting, Energy Management, Space Planning - Well-Known Group of Companies

Well-Known Group of Companies

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Well-Known Group of Companies are a group of companies operating in China, India & South East Asia.

We are established as a premium solution provider to corporate clients of Energy Management Solutions, Engineering Services, Project Management and Space Planning in China, India and South-East Asia.

Our Solutions & Services

LED Lighting

With a wide range of lighting solutions and industrial lighting products, we provide quality LED solutions and products with market-leading innovation for applications such as commercial, education, industrial & warehouse and more.

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Space Planning

We provide office space planning and design services managed to perfection, as we partner with you through your project and beyond, assuring complete satisfaction and offering professional care throughout the life of your project.

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Energy Management

We provide one-stop energy management solutions and energy management services. We are uniquely qualified to help your company identify, prioritize, and implement strategies that will conserve energy, lower utility bills, and improve your bottom line.

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