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Group Overview - Well-Known Group of Companies

Group Overview

Well-Known Group of Companies are group of companies operating in China, India & South East Asia. We are established as solution provider to Corporate Clients for Energy Management Solutions, Space planning and Engineering Service, in China, India and South East Asia.

Well-Known Group of Companies have been operating since 2008 and have delivered more than 500 solutions across the regions to our clients over the few years. Our clients have benefited from our solutions as we have been “Always Deliver True Values” to our clients.

Currently, we have a pool of 1200 talents across our group of companies and is targeting to grow to a strength of 2000 talents in the next 3 years.

Energy Management Solutions

There are many ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for your business if you know where to look. Well-Known works with your organization to identify and implement energy-saving measures thru provide comprehensive energy audits to identify potential energy saving solutions. Using highly accurate instruments for data collection and state-of-the-art technology to conduct analysis, we develop engineered solutions to reduce energy consumption. Alternatively, we also help to determine whether renewable energy such as solar, hydro power and etc is a viable option. We worked with various partners to help develop and implement renewable energy projects.

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Space Planning Solutions

Well-Known group of companies primary experience are providing quality Space planning consulting services. Working with our various partners, we are also able to provide a complete Project Design and Management team, including Architectural, Structural and Civil engineering, Mechanical and Electrical and Interior design services. Upon completion of a project’s design services, we also offer complete Construction services to ensure the design intent is carried out.

At Well-Known, we understand the complex and demanding requirements of developing a highly functional yet flexible work environment. We have worked with multiple clients across the corporate field, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. We’ve gained insight into how large and small companies work and have developed a unique set of skills to make the space planning as smooth as possible for you.

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Engineering Services Solutions

Unscheduled shutdown, Plant and system failures & power outages have a profound effect on your business operation. Many systems have design resilience but does this cover all elements and what is the effect of a failure in any of the component parts.

System performance is paramount to operational stability; Well-Known undertake plant proving studies on business critical systems. Our mission critical mind-set demands up-to-date documentation, continual training, & pre-emptive maintenance on all business critical systems.

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