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Engineering Services - Well-Known Group of Companies

Engineering Services Solutions

Plant and system failures, power outages & un-scheduled maintenance have a profound effect on your business operation. Many systems have design resilience but does this cover all elements and what is the effect of a failure in any of the component parts.

System performance is paramount to operational stability; Well-Known undertake plant proving studies on business critical systems using condition based monitoring via IR, vibration and performance testing.

Our mission critical mind-set demands up-to-date documentation, continual training, & pre-emptive maintenance on all business critical systems.

Areas of Services

Well-Known group of companies are exceptionally knowledgeable in facility central plant equipment management and maintenance including:

  • Data Center Architecture Electrical and mechanical system configurations designed for performance, reliability and maintainability
  • Advanced HVAC systems Consists of chillers, cooling towers, CRAC units, Air Handlers, Package DX Systems and associated building control systems
  • Standby Generators Including control systems and fuel delivery
  • Main Electrical Systems Including utility coordination, service entrances and distribution systems
  • Electrical transfer systems Both closed and open transition
  • UPS Systems and Data Center Distribution
  • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
  • Data Center Grounding, Security and Communications Systems
  • Commissioning and Failure Mode Testing and Acceptance